Nigeria Domain Name Registration


Looking to register a Nigeria domain name (e.g. The Nigerian Computer Society Online has created this website to make it easier to register domain names under the Nigerian TLD. The domain registration feature provided on this website is a web version of the text-based form currently available for Nigeria domain name registration.

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Registering a .NG domain name is currently FREE!. But there are 2 important points you need to be aware of when completing and before submitting your domain registration form.

WWW. .

The domain name search facility on this website, only searches through domain names requested through this website. This is NOT a WHOIS database for Nigeria TLD. So just because a domain name is not found in our database DOES NOT mean it is available or free for registration.


Please note, to register domain names under the TLD (.ng) is no longer free. Visit any of the official registrars below to register your domain.

amsco telecoms
blue topaz
contemporary computers
creotec ltd
cyberspace network ltd
demsat system ltd
digital fusion ltd
ennovate nigeria
generic universal tactical solution
ghotek technologies
global trend network
icecool contracts
integrated broadband
internetx gmbh
ip mirror
it click network
layer 3 ltd
linskserve ltd
lufem system ltd
mcreal online network system
micro access ltd
netorb telecoms ltd
nigerianet technology
pinet information ltd
quality information
safenames limited
signonafrica communication ltd
stieneng ltd
technovation associates ltd
trefoil network ltd
upperlink ltd
websoft ltd


Domain request form manager ....

We have provided a domain registration form management facility to enable you to store and easily manage domain name forms you submit through this website. By registering a username and password, you will be able to store and change domain name registration forms submitted via this website. To register a domain directly without using the form and/or facilities on this website, download and complete the text-based domain registration form. Once completed, send the completed form directly to the registrar at

To use our domain request form management facility, first register and/or login before registering your desired Nigeria domain name. Every domain name you register, whilst you are logged in, will be stored in your domain inbox. Simply log in at anytime to edit domain name request forms stored in your personal inbox.

What to watch out for ....

Note that two problems are the most common causes for rejection of applications.
  • Per RFC 2182, at least one secondary nameserver must be on a different international backbone than the primary server.
  • At present, registrations must be from organisations with a real presence in the country and with a demonstrable intent to use the domain name on a regular basis on the internet (i.e. vanity, placemark, ... name registration is not appropriate). For trademark registration, see the trademark office.

And ....

Please encourage everyone you know to use this form management facility so that we can be build up our domain search database. The more domain request submitted via this website, the more information we are able to provide you about what domain names are available and who are the owners of registered domains.

Your input is important, so we want to hear your suggestions on how we can improve this service.